Frequently asked questions

Where can I collect my free glass & festival book?

By stand no. 46.

What is an Alba?
  • Alba is the Scottish gaelic word for Scotland.
  • The ALBA is our festival currency. (For safety reasons no cash is accepted by the Whisky or Food stands.)
  • An ALBA is during the festival equal to 1 EURO.
  • They can be purchased at our sales desk on stand no.5.
  • They are available individually or in sheets of 10.

Are all the whiskies free?

The answer here is NO All stands have a selection of whiskies which can be tasted free of charge included in your entry price. For the more specialised Whiskies the amount asked per glass is at the discretion of the individual exhibitors.

Can I buy bottles at the festival?

Simply answered? NO. Dutch law does not allow the sale of closed bottles by exhibitors.